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Pour le mois de septembre

shih yun yeo

Biography of Shih Yun Yeo








Born in Singapore 1976, Shih Yun began her artistic career after graduating from San Francisco Art Institute. In 2004, she founded instinc, an international artists' collective which has seen successful participations with artists from UK, US, Europe, Japan & Singapore as well as corporate co-productions with Moleskine, Smirnoff and Guinness. Apart from paintings and drawings, Shih Yun works with diverse mediums including lithography, screen printing and painting directly on 16mm films.

Influenced by Abstract Expressionists, Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline, she is known for her strong energetic use of black ink and a passionate obsession with capturing the elusive moment that exists between chaos and order. Shih Yun has exhibited at numerous leading galleries in Singapore and Europe. Her recent exhibitions include 'Light from the East' in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and 'Eye Openers' in Brussels, Belgium. Collections includes Sheraton Hotel, Guiyang China, Renaissance Beijing Hotel, China, Marina@Keppel Bay and arts patron, Mr Koh Seow Chuan. In 2008, an artwork was created by Shih Yun to commemorate the official opening of The Giving Place (National Volunteer & Philanthropy Center) by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Her recent awards include 26th UOB Painting of the Year Competition Singapore 2007, Certificate of Distinction and Highly commended entry(Abstract category). She recently also completed two artist residencies from Brussels and Slovenia in 2008 and is currently in Bergen, Norway in April 2009 for her two months residency till June 2009








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 Frida et l'artiste Shih Yun Yeo







Curriculum Vitae

Shih Yun Yeo 姚诗韵,

shihyun@instinc.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

mobile +65 9692 3537

Born 1976, SINGAPORE



San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California
Post Baccalaureate Program (Painting)


Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore
Diploma in Communications Design (Distinction)


National University of Singapore, Singapore
Bachelor of Business Administration (Meri

Solo Exhibitions
in the raw, Knoll gallery, Singapore
imperfectly perfect, Que Pasa, Singapore

urbanseries II
, pitch black gallery, Singapore


black rain
, instinc, Singapore

mini me, instinc, Singapore

urbanseries, Anthropology Gallery, Singapore

log:one03, Block43 Studio Gallery, Singapore

New Works on Paper 2003
, Atelier J. Larcoix, Singapore
Works On Paper (NEWFINDS 2003), Art Forum, Singapore

, Intermezzo, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions
Yang Fudong 'Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest' & Shih Yun Yeo 'Diary', stiftelsen3,14 gallery, Norway
Hello World, Ito Folk Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
NUS Alumni Art exhibition, Shaw Foundation Alumni House, Singapore
Spring Lights, Artvine, Amsterdam, Netherlands
New Works, Fost Gallery, Singapore

Proof V, Alliance Fran
çaise de Singapour, Singapore
Light from the East, Artvine, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lindart, Museum castle, Lendava, Slovenia
Eye Openers, Bains:Connective, Brussels, Belgium
How dare you, Stockartist's room, Berlin, Germany
Simply Saturday, instinc, Singapore
Random Starts, The Art Loft, SM Motors Volvo showroom, Singapore
Simply Saturday, instinc, Singapore

Limited/Unlimited, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore
Moments on White, osage soho, Hong Kong

26th UOB Painting of the Year Exhibition
, Jendela@Esplanade, Singapore
My Favourite Moleskine
, pageone@Vivocity, Singapore
Moments on White
, osage atelier, Singapore

Rhodia No.12 project exhibition, Books Actually, Singapore
Rhodia No.12 project exhibition,
Kapok, Hong Kong
Micro-Macro: 153
, instinc, Singapore
3rd International Miniart Exchange Exhibition
, Queen B's Gallery, Canada.
Parallel Journeys
, Pan Pacific Hotel, Public Art Space, Singapore

, instinc, Singapore

ART SYDNEY 05, Hordern Pavilion and Royal Hall of Industries, Australia
Ring around the rosy, pocketful of posies… ,
Your Mother Gallery, Singapore
Labculture Singapore
, The Substation & PVA (UK), Singapore
Unspoken Words
, instinc, Singapore
Visual Conversations
, instinc, Singapore
Now & Then,
instinc, Singapore
GONG XI FA CAI, instinc, Singapore
INK interpretations
, instinc, Singapore

25-10-2004 to 15-11-2004, untitled Gallery, Singapore
rojak!, ANT Gallery, Singapore
, Intrude Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
, instinc, Singapore

Asian Art Week, Sunjin Galleries, Singapore
Art & FashionAsia 2003, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
The Big Small Show-Art Jam 2003, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
The Artist Village Public Art Library, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
, Block43 Studio Gallery, Singapore

Made In Singapore, Art Seasons Gallery, Singapore
SFAI Spring Show, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California
Artists' Books Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute, California


18th UOB Painting of the Year Exhibition
, UOB Plaza, Singapore

, citibella, Singapore

1999 18th
UOB Singapore Painting of the Year Competition, Highly commended entry (Abstract category)
2007 26th
UOB Singapore Painting of the Year Competition, Certificate of Distinction (Abstract category)
2007 26th
UOB Singapore Painting of the Year Competition, Highly commended entry (Abstract category)

2003 Emerging Artist Grant, National Arts Council, Singapore
2008 Artist Residency Grant (NAC) for BainsConnective, Belgium, Brussels

2009 Arts Professional Development Grant for USF, Norway.

Artist Residencies
2005 PVA MediaLab(UK) & The Substation, Singapore.

2008 Bains:Connective, Brussels, Belgium.

Lindart, Lendava, Slovenia.
2009 Stifelsen Kulturhuset USF, Bergen, Norway.

Professional Experience

2004 to present Founder of artist-run space, instinc

2003 to present Fine Arts faculty advisor of 3dsense Media School

2002 Lecturer at Coleman Creative School (Materials, Techniques & Processes)

Art- related activities

Local coordinator of International Mini Art Exchange

Member of The Artist Village Singapore

Member of Singapore Printmaking Society

Member of International Union of Mail Artists (IUOMA)

Commissioned Works

National Volunteer & Philanthropy Center (For the Giving Place)
Moët Hennessy Diageo Singapore
(For Smirnoff Volka Green Apple)
Asia Pacific Breweries (For Guinness Stout), Singapore
Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore

Permanent Collections

Far East Organization, Singapore
Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore
Renaissance Beijing Hotel, China
Sheraton Hotel, Guiyang, China
Duchess Residencies by UOL, Singapore
Fortune Plaza, Beijing, China

Mr Koh Seow Chuan, DP Architects
Mr Terrence Chan, TERRE

Private Collections

New York

Hong Kong
Ho Chi Minh


instinct01 [Résolution de l'écran]



sy10_medo [Résolution de l'écran]













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Porte ouverte a L'Académie de Molenbeek

Coup de Coeur

DSC03338 [Résolution de l'écran]

Talbaui Fatima .











DSC03340 [Résolution de l'écran]


Talbaui Fatima








DSC03342 [Résolution de l'écran]

Crassart Vanessa





DSC03345 [Résolution de l'écran]













DSC03349 [Résolution de l'écran]











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scultura Lasne Place D'Ohain coup de coeur

Exposition de sculpture


Place D'OHAIN du 5 au 8 juin

A Voir


Gerda de Jonghe

Stephane de France

Patrick Vogel

DSC03321 [Résolution de l'écran]


Patrick Vogel      www.p-vogel.com       p.vogel@p-vogel.com








DSC03322 [Résolution de l'écran]

Patrick Vogel











DSC03319 [Résolution de l'écran]

 Patrick Vogel















DSC03320 [Résolution de l'écran]

Patrick Vogel











DSC03323 [Résolution de l'écran]

Patrick Vogel












DSC03324 [Résolution de l'écran]










DSC03326 [Résolution de l'écran]


Stéphane de France









DSC03327 [Résolution de l'écran]

Stéphane de France 














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Exposition du mois de juin installation extérieure de Fabian Sbarro



DSC03303 [Résolution de l'écran]

Installation de Fabian Sbarro












DSC03306 [Résolution de l'écran]














DSC03311 [Résolution de l'écran]

Fabian Sbarro  www.fabiansbarro.ch










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Coup de coeur du parcourt d'artiste de Silly

Plusieurs artistes

Anne Moureau Rue du veneur,29 peintures

Benoit Moureau Rue du veneur ,29 Design,pieces uniques

Isabelle d'Andrimont  Sculptures

Saoud Mama  peintures


DSC03295 [Résolution de l'écran]

 Sculpture d' Evelyne Dubois .








DSC03296 [Résolution de l'écran]

Sculpture d' Evelyne Dubois .











DSC03297 [Résolution de l'écran]

 Sculpture d' Evelyne Dubois .
















DSC03299 [Résolution de l'écran]

Aqualine ,de Cécille Ghysels






DSC03300 [Résolution de l'écran]

Aqualine ,de Cécille Ghysels










DSC03301 [Résolution de l'écran]

Aqualine ,de Cécille Ghysels











DSC03302 [Résolution de l'écran]

Aqualine ,de Cécille Ghysels

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Exposition du mois de juin



Image invitation Robin 2 Bon [Résolution de l'écran]



Imageinvitation Robin Versso [Résolution de l'écran]








Des portes ? Des entrées ? Des sorties ? Un labyrinthe ?
On sillonne entre plaques tectoniques et chemins de boue.
On hésite.
On franchit un pas.
Grondement de la terre : on frémit
Puis la douceur de l’argile nous rassure.
On respire.

Julie nous propose un sentier parfois tortueux, parfois difficile… mais au bout du parcours, il y a de l’espoir. Celui de croire au genre humain. Qu’importe la difficulté. Au bout du chemin il y a des morceaux d’âmes en quête.

Seraient-ce les nôtres ?


CV :

-Julie Bodenghien  (www.myspace.com/juliewanda)

-Née à Saint-Josse en 1971

-Elève à l’athénée royale de Rixensart jusqu’en 1989.

-De 1986 à 1989 : découverte de la céramique à

l’Académie de Wavre dans l’atelier de Marie Delforge.

-1989-90 : Histoire de l’art à l’U.L.B.

-1990-95 : étudiante à La Cambre en céramique et

verre dans l’atelier de Maurice Joly.

Diplômée avec « grande distinction ».

-1996-2005 : Professeur intérimaire dans de nombreuses

Académies et autres (Charleroi, Wavre,

Tournai, Namur, Châtelet, Nivelles,

Bruxelles midi, …).


- Dernières expositions :

 - 2004 : « correspondance des arts » organisée par la ville d’Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve.                        


 - 2005 : parcours d’artistes à Louvain-La-Neuve (galerie du forum des halls).

 - 2006 : « Les arts du feu » Vitamines Arts 11 organisée par l’academie des beaux- arts de Tamines.           

 - 2007 :- « Mat(i)erre » au château de l’ermitage à Wavre.

   - « The arch » aux écuries de Waterloo

 -  2008 : parcours d’artiste d’Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve

  - 2009 : Belgium two points à la maison des arts de schaerbeek.





Eric Robin:Conjuring the face of suffering and compassion


         As a police officer for the city of Brussels, the Belgian painter Eric Robin came to see himself as a "witness of humanity" and that he says. has been one of his abiding inspirations. Certainly a sense of humanity in the raw is everywhere evident in the paintings Robin will be exhibiting at Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, from January 6 through 27, 2009. (Reception January 8.from 6 to PM )


         At the same time, lest one give the impression that Robin may be an autodidactic outsider it should be noted that he is actually a sophisticated painter, trained at the Brussels Royal Academy of Arts who deliberately chooses to work In a primitivistic   style. In the present series the subject of his acrylics on canvas is the female faces painted in strong Fauvist colon in bold strokes that show a certain kinship to older artists such as Rouault and Modigliani, who worked in a similarly direct manner.


         Robin, however has evolved his own unique approach to the feminine visage, making the old truism "the eyes are the windows of the soul'' manifest in every composition. Usually disproportionately large, the eyes of his portrait subjects engage those of the viewer in a manner that can sometimes be unsettling. Some of them seem to question, others to implore, yet others to accuse. All are the mesmerizing focal point of his compositions, in  which the form of the face fills much of-the canvas, as if the subject is leaning forward to take the viewer into her confidence. While this may not be the actual source of  these compositions, one gets a sense of the emotional intimacy with which a police officer is confronted daily on active duty, which lends Robin's painting an unusual -perhaps, for some, even uncomfortable- presence. And it is in this that much of their power lies.


         Robin's nonliteral use of color is another attribute of his recent paintings, heightening their psychological impact. Given the urban environment a policeman patrols on the night shift in particular, it would be possible to imagine that some of his faces may be bathed in neon -particularly "Sarah" who has an overall blue cast (piquantly accented by the pimento-red pupils of her eyes), and "Enzo " whose flesh is tinted a garish green hue. It seems more liked, however, these auras emanate from within, symbolizing shades of emotion rather than the play of light on facial pigmentation.


         "My color use is the expression of my first spontaneous impression and not of what one's Intended to see; Robin makes clear in an artist's statement for the exhibition in which he also reveals that the first face he painted   this manner surprised him by turning out to be a portrait of his mother, who had been ill for many years.


         "This was a revelation he says." he says, “I directly" knew exactly how I would like to proceed further with this work. I wanted to paint women and the story of their lives... I saw in the sorrow of my mother the suffering of humanity. A mother carries the sorrow of the world within her. Through sadness and despair, lies a source of truth.''


         Eric Robin has discovered a way to make this pan and this truth manifest in pigment. His paintings, therefore, are possessed of an uncommon power.



Donald Lieberman


Gallery&Studio                         Nov/Dec 2008-Jan 2009





Fabian Sbarro







«L’Aube Victorieuse» est un travail artistique conceptuel initié dans la ville de Lyon et poursuivi à Bruxelles, qui consiste à mettre en scène des œuvres graphiques au cœur d’une ville, la nuit, sous forme d’installations et à les photographier.


Ce travail est le fruit d’une réflexion sur le rapport paradoxal de la ville et de l’homme qui l’habite. Du «contenant» et du «contenu». Sur des constructions intemporelles et massives, et sur leurs hôtes fragiles et éphémères.


Fasciné par la brièveté de l’existence, je réagis à ce que j’éprouve face à une ville bâtie par l’homme pour lui survivre.


Au fil de mes explorations dans la ville, je souhaite ressentir le «vide» laissé par l’homme. Je souhaite ressentir la «stérilité» d’un environnement, et y replacer, sous la forme d’une fragile installation, l’âme furtive de l’être humain.


Il est très important que le support final de l’œuvre soit une simple photographie. Ainsi, sans montage informatique ultérieur, la photo devient le témoin direct d’un événement réel.


Fabian Sbarro.




DSC03268 [Résolution de l'écran]











DSC03271 [Résolution de l'écran]











DSC03269 [Résolution de l'écran]

Eric Robin







DSC03282 [Résolution de l'écran]

 Julie Bodenghien .








DSC03273 [Résolution de l'écran]

Fabian Sbarro










DSC03283 [Résolution de l'écran]












DSC03291 [Résolution de l'écran]

Julie Bodenghien













DSC03270 [Résolution de l'écran]







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